An introduction to electric vehicles

Comparison of tailpipe emissions of conventional vehicles (ICE), hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), Electric (BEV), and Hydrogen (FCEV)15

Electric vehicle opportunities and benefits

Opportunities to utilise biofuels such as E10, B5 and B10 to reduce particulates (20-30%16), GHG emissions reduction (1.5-5%).Strong transitional option with broadening availability in the passenger segment.Electric range of 40-50 km may reduce emissions and be more practical in some instances in the coming few years. If regularly driven more than 50 km the emissions benefit reduces significantly.Can be zero carbon emissions and zero NOx if charged with renewable energy. Most practical zero emissions option in the next 10 years.Can be zero carbon emissions and zero NOx. Technology is expensive over the coming decade. May work sooner in heavy vehicle applications.

[16] CSIRO 2008

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