Choose your own EV adventure with Fleet Pledge

Join South Australia’s electric vehicle journey with Fleet Pledge

Manager of Future Industries Peter Nattrass explains the benefits of how Fleet Pledge can work for South Australian businesses, large and small.  With the world on a global transition to EVs, our knowledge, experience and understanding of EVs and how we negotiate their integration into our fleets and businesses sees us all at very different stages on this journey.

Harnessing the combined pool of EV experience, knowledge, learnings, challenges, and solutions from organisations who are transitioning to EVs, Fleet Pledge offers a confidential platform where we can harness this intelligence and share, discuss and learn from this intelligence to better help each of us as we integrate electric vehicles into our businesses.

Because everyone is on a different EV journey, the Fleet Pledge can be used to choose your own EV adventure through information (webinars, guest speakers, case studies, or experiences (drive days, how-to, speaking events, site visits), through to challenges and solutions (case studies, round-tables, presentations, collaborations and partnerships).

Fleet Pledge has been designed to create a community that suits you and your business for where you are right now.

Take the pledge along with other like-minded business; Flinders University, Azzo, City of Adelaide, City of Charles Sturt, City of Marion, City of Port Adelaide Enfield, South Australian Power Networks, Telstra.

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