Vehicle availability

In Australia, there are currently 17 full battery electric vehicles on the market and an additional 18 plug-in hybrid models available. At the value end there are 6 battery electric vehicles under $65,000 AUD and 8 plug in hybrids. Passenger and SUV small and medium market segments now have a wider variety of low and zero emission choices.

Electric vehicle model availability is still somewhat limited due to a lack of fuel efficiency standards and high upfront vehicle purchase cost, however there is now an increasing range of vehicles coming to market as manufacturers react to demand and recent incentives offered by state governments. An expansion in the market segments with battery electric and plug-in hybrids under $65000 will occur in the next few years as large passenger and SUV battery electric and plug-in hybrid enters the market bringing increasing choice along with an increased variety of light commercial vans.

A full list of available vehicles currently available in Australia can be found here:

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