The Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Pledge

Take the Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Pledge and join a growing business network that shares a commitment to transform its fleets to electric vehicles. 


As a Pledge member, you and your organisation will receive exclusive access to information, tools and resources to assist you in planning your EV fleet and help you to overcome barriers that would otherwise add cost, complexity or delay action. 

We welcome like-minded businesses where experiences can be shared for learnings and growth, questions raised and discussed, all with the intention of providing an open and safe space to help educate and inform on EVs in South Australia.  

Above all, this is a space to foster connections, boost skills and provide you with the information that you need to support your organisations EV journey with the means to ensure a successful fleet transition. 

If you would like to take the Pledge and commit to driving the transition, please contact us at or download the pledge now.

The South Australian Electric Vehicle Fleet Pledge is designed by the Department for Energy and Mining as part of the Governments commitment to Electric Vehicles.  The South Australian Government has committed $41 million to implement South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Road Map.  This includes $13.4 million to secure private investment in South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network to address key barriers to uptake, including driving range anxiety and route flexibility